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Lifestyles Of East Coast Butterflies

Butterfly lifestyles reflect intimate links with the host plants on which they feed. Why do butterflies select only certain hosts? How do host plants fight back against browsing caterpillars? How does plant choice affect other key aspects of a butterfly’s lifestyle, from when it emerges as an adult to how it spends the winter? Find the answers to these questions, plus many interesting and surprising facts about butterflies' hidden lives, in “Lifestyles of East Coast Butterflies” by Rick Cech (45 minutes – 1 hour; recommended for early teens and older).

Butterfly Habitats Of The U.S. East Coast

Many of our loveliest and most interesting butterfly species rely for their survival upon unusual and exotic natural habitats—and the same is true of scores of other important organisms also. When explored in their own right, the East Coast’s ecological niches quickly prove to be as intriguing and beautiful as any of the specialized plants and animals that dwell there. This 45 minute talk explains how to identify butterfly habitats, and how to distinguish and appreciate those of superlative value. 45 minutes.

The Zen of Butterfly Photography: Finding Your Very Own Style

A lively investigation of how to capture exciting butterfly photos in the wild. Designed to interest anyone who seeks to observe nature more carefully, with or without a camera. Includes colorful examples from the speaker's 11-year epic saga in tracking down subjects for his book Butterflies of the East Coast: An Observer's Guide (Princeton University Press, 2005). See All Talks